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Auteur recherche musicien cambodgien   ( Réponses 0 | Lectures 2673 )
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Im contacting you hoping you may be able to help by steering me in the right

I'm trying to make contact with a Cambodian music composer but I'm finding it
quite difficult so I thought i would ask you for your help.

I'm involved in a musical project that requires a short musical statement from
composers from every country in the world (245 entities). The projects goal is
to channel a strong musical message on global warming through numerous Global
Change forums and related environmental groups & networks.

One section of the musical work will combine all 245 musical statements.

Im looking for an Cambodian composer to interperate the mood of his country and
its people at a specific time and date later next year. This single line musical
statement that is composed, recorded and delivered as a wav file to us could be
for example a guitar, roneat, violin, cello, triangle, canasta, oud-any timbre
at all. Complete freedom!

A summary of a brief has been prepared and is available to those who wish to
learn more about it.

Please let me know if you would be interested in liaising with me to help make
contact with a Cambodian composer and/ or to find out more about the Global
Warming music project itself

Thanks for your time.

Kindest regards

Rob Slaney
Modern Art Music

Contactez l'administrateur si vous etes interessé !
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