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Auteur Comment se procurer cette thèse ?   ( Réponses 24 | Lectures 6647 )
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C'est l'orthographe que l'on trouve dans le mémoire du popov.

A propos de l'I.N.S.E.R.E dirigé par Sim Thay Pheng, un rapport confidentiel de la banque mondiale :

...D. Economic Information
250. Statistical material in Cambodia is comparatively scarce, and of
what is available very little is processed and published, so that material
from different sources has been used e.g. in this report without much pos-
sibility of cross-checking and reconciliation. Various parts of the govern-
ment or even of a ministry are not aware of facts known to individual
officials in other parts, and on the whole, there is no systematic channel-
ling of economic information to a central agency on which to draw, although
such an agency exists.
251. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research (INSERE!;)
is part of the Ministry of Planning; it collects statistical data from dif-
ferent ministries but is not responsible for the quality and consistency of
these data; nor has it authority to improve them, and the agreement of eacth
ministry has to be sought when editing them. INSERE is in charge of pre-
paring National Accounts. However, such accounts could be prepared only
for the years 1962--1966 while a foreign expert was available, after whose
departure they were discontinued. The director of INSERE is the only
professional statistician in Cambodia
to carry out statistical work. Some
clerks have been trained on the job and they attempt to process data which
are coming in from the ministries.

- 64 -
252. One problem is that statisticians have no official status, and pay
scales are totally unattrative to persons trained abroad. Also, the 'Minis--
try of Planning itself to which INSERE belongs, at present exists only in
name, and there has been no following-up on the Second Plan since it was
producedt in mimeographed form in 1967.
2'3. It is not surprising in these circumstances that statistical
information produced by the ministries is often of poor quality, sometimes
fragmentary, and inconsistent. In the case of agricultural crops, the
ministry of Agriculture is a comparatively reliable source for production
data of paddy, groundnuts, maize and a few other items. It is based on
regular crop surveys with sample measurements of yields and estimated
averages. However, the quality of the estimates is uneven because of
staff shortages, and crop yield figures sometimes originate in top govern-
ment instructions by which statistical clerks are to abide. In 1970 an
agricultural census is to be undertaken with technical assistance from FAO.
Prepartions have been nearly completed, and there seems to be good chance
for a successful execution.
254. The only demographic census so far was carried out in 1962, and
tl.e results have been published. On demographic growth, various experts
using different adjustments to the census data, have come up with estimates
rz!nging between 2.2 percent and 3.6 percent per annum. Civil registration
if, very poor, and in census work it is difficult to translate thie people's
c(ncepts used e.g. in describing their age into numerically usable form.
The agricultural census of 1970 should be used to help ilLprove on this
ut-satisfactory situation.
255. Statistics on manufacturing industry are particularly spotty and
ofen of little utility. There is no legal obligation to reply to question--
naires issued by the ministry. Foreign trade data have to be obtained
from SONEXIM as regards its own transactions, and compared with customs
data which are collected regularly but, besides not recording unrecorded
trade, also display large variations in individual unit prices for imports
as well as exports which cannot be otherwise corroborated. Also, data on
the volume of goods imported or exported are always in tons, whether it is
rice, fountain pens or motorcycles.
256. To improve on public finance information would require a reorgani-
zation of public finances, e.g. integration and reclassification of various
taxes, a consolidation of the multitude of independent "special accounts" of
the Treasury, and in expenditures, a systematic separation of current and
capital accounts. The complicated system of transfers between different
accounts and agencies is another problem. Perhaps with some justification
there is at present lack of interest in improving financial statistics as
long as there is no intention of reforming the financial system itself.

- 65 -
257. Monetary and credit statistics are regularly compiled and the
information is quite reliable since there are only two commercial banks,
wholly owned by the Central Bank which puts out the statistics. The
concepts used in processing and presenting these data will need to be re-
organized, since the form in which e.g. monetary tables are set up does not
permit this material to give much guidance on monetary policy.
258. In summary, the collection, processing, and use of statistical
information will need to be much improved if the government is to take the
right economic policy decisions in future efforts to revive various sectors
of the economy. It seems fairly evident that past failures in this respect
were perhaps not caused, but at least conditioned by the absence of adequate
knowledge of short- and medium-term changes in the structural development
of the economy. This is particularly true for the money economy and its
financial interrelations.
259. Considerable improvements are possible with a relatively modest
investment, however, provided a decision is taken ot improve the standing
of, and to expand the role to be played by , INSERE. Not the least of its
present problems is the lack of authority even in technical matters, and
its low profile in public relations with government ministries. A more
independent status will be necessary while avoiding a too conspicuous
position exposing it to political influence. The Institute should be
enabled to carry out a training program for statisticians working in the
various ministries, as well as to supervise the production of all statis-
tical data. For its own work of compilation, analysis, and edition of econo-
mic information including the national accounts, the methodological frame--
work will need to be improved and expanded. For this purpose, some further
technical assistance is required.

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