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Auteur ( Allen Myers )Opinion: Radio Free Asia does an unsuccessful hatchet job   ( Réponses 0 | Lectures 4559 )
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( Allen Myers )Opinion: Radio Free Asia does an unsuccessful hatchet job Reply With Quote
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Je ne connais pas ce monsieur Allen Myers. Il ne doit pas être un éminent journlaiste pour attaquer le professionnalisme de RFA et fabuler que monsieur est le patron de RFA. Il s'est porté à la défense, corps et âme, la chucky'face sur un article qui suit...


September 11, 2014

Opinion: Radio Free Asia does an unsuccessful hatchet job

By Allen Myers, September 11, 2014
The Cambodia Herald

Is Sam Rainsy the leader of the opposition in the Cambodian National Assembly, or is he the head of the Khmer-language section of Radio Free Asia? If the question strikes you as strange, then you haven’t been following RFA’s Khmer-language broadcasts, and the connection will be explained after a few other necessary points are dealt with.

On 29 August, RFA broadcast what is known in Western journalism as a “hatchet job” – that is, an article designed to discredit the person or organisation that is its subject.

Of course, there are some people or things that deserve to be discredited. But responsible journalists make sure that’s what they are dealing with before they produce a hatchet job. Equally important, they make sure to present facts that justify the attempt to discredit whoever or whatever it is.

RFA is not a home to responsible journalism. Its 29 August broadcast consisted of more than eight minutes (four pages in the transcript) of broad-brush abuse against the Cambodian Red Cross. It seldom even made a pretence of presenting anything that could be called a fact; it was almost entirely nothing but vicious name-calling (available in Khmer at http://www.rfa.org/khmer/news/politics/Cambodian...under-political-interference-08292014103131.html).

The quality of RFA’s pretend journalism is revealed right from the start. The headline is “Cambodian Red Cross under political influence”. The phrase is in quotation marks, which means that somebody said it. Who? In reality, probably no one, unless the “journalist” was quoting himself. The phrase doesn’t appear in the broadcast; the quotation marks are there to fool the unwary into thinking that the RFA’s political hatchet job is what some knowledgeable person said.

According to the broadcast, while most Cambodians may think that the CRC is engaged in helping people suffering from natural disasters or armed conflict, its real role is to distribute funds to Cambodian People’s Party supporters in the provinces and to launder illegally gained money.

RFA isn’t quite silly enough to repeat Sam Rainsy’s exaggerated rhetoric, but it essentially repeats and adds to the latter’s complaint that the CRC isn’t doing things it was never meant to do.


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