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Auteur Festival de photo à Angkor   ( Réponses 0 | Lectures 2613 )
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Impact Project, putting good news stories into the frame
Thu, 4 December 2014
Nicky Sullivan

As the person responsible for screening the submissions for this week’s Angkor Photo Festival in Siem Reap, Francoise Callier sees a little more misery from around the globe than most. Disasters, natural and man-made, are the stock-in-trade for many photographers.

But Callier curated the Impact Project, which screened on Tuesday night at the FCC Angkor, to tell positive stories through photography about individuals, groups and organisations doing something to help with social and environmental issues. ....

.....“There is a story about a hummingbird whose forest went up in flames,” she said in an interview before the screening.
“All of the animals stood and watched, overwhelmed, but the hummingbird flew to the river, collected a few drops of water, and then released them on the fire.
“The other animals mocked him for his futility, but he replied by saying, ‘At least I did what I was able to do’.
“We all can do that, and that is what I wanted to show with this exhibition.”

PS : hummingbird = colibri = jab jeab Krabah RP3TfiK.jpgdans le conte "Sap sith"

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