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Publié le 17/02/2017 @ 05:57
Re : [Cambodia Daily et Phnom Pen POST ] : K I M ... S O K

Seun nmott a écrit

KEM Ley a fait un petit,
J'espère que Kim Sok soit plus vigilent que KL.

- Honnêtement, je vois mal comment M.KIM Sok peut se montrer encore "plus vigilent" dans un contexte et une atmosphère locale pareils.

- Dernier exemple du jour dans le C.D., concernant "la préparation des Municipales " :
As Local Elections Approach, Two CNRP Candidates Arrested
by Sek Odom | February 17, 2017

* pour rdb : HS = KJ UN
- il adopte les mêmes méthodes à l'ombre toute- puissante du "grand frère n°1"... "qui se tait et laisse faire pour ses 2 satellites"

- je suis intimement convaincu que "l'officine de nettoyage cambodgienne existe bel et bien" de manière permanente

** j'ai beau retourner le problème dans tous les sens :
la seule "porte de sortie"- que j'entrevois personnellement- resterait un "lâchage du personnage principal" (mais pas du CPP) par l'Exécutif Vietnamien qui n'a rien à y gagner sur le long terme, en continuant à soutenir un personnage aussi corrompu et déjà aussi encombrant, notamment par rapport au " propre système politique vietnamien" !!!

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Inscrit(e) le 27/12/2005
Publié le 16/02/2017 @ 09:37
Re : [Cambodia Daily et Phnom Pen POST ] : K I M ... S O K

KEM Ley a fait un petit,

J'espère que Kim Sok soit plus vigilent que KL.
Déconnecté(e) robin des bois
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Inscrit(e) le 23/03/2004
Lieu de résidence 44000 Nantes
Publié le 15/02/2017 @ 07:47
Re : [Cambodia Daily et Phnom Pen POST ] : K I M ... S O K

- sur ce lien du PhnomPenhPOST :

- cet autre article:
A photo of Sieng Chin, who was arrested in Phnom Penh yesterday, posted by political analyst Kim Sok on Facebook. Photo supplied

Men with links to analyst detained overnight in PP
Wed, 15 February 2017
Khouth Sophak Chakrya

A friend of political analyst Kim Sok and another person were arrested on Monday night by Daun Penh district police, hours after Prime Minister Hun Sen had filed a lawsuit against Sok that day.
The friend, Sieng Chin, was released yesterday evening, though the reasons for his arrest remained unclear yesterday.
Sok – who faces a lawsuit accusing him of blaming the ruling Cambodian People’s Party for the July murder of political analyst Kem Ley, which he has denied – said yesterday that Chin, 51, and one of Chin’s friends were arrested after giving him a lift home from Voice of America’s offices.
Sok said that later that night, Chin called him, telling him to stop commenting on the lawsuit and instructing him to meet the prime minister’s eldest son, Lieutenant General Hun Manet, to settle the case.
I rejected his suggestion and told him that I have no contact with Hun Manet, and that I would not change my stance.
I will not leave Cambodia. I will confront the complaint in court.”

According to Sok, he later heard about the two arrests from Chin’s brother-in-law, Tuon Saren. Sok said yesterday that he viewed the arrests as an “oppression method on the people” who know him.
Saren said yesterday that police blocked him from talking to his brother-in-law during his detention.
“I really worry about this problem,” he said, adding that no one knew the reason for Chin and his friend’s arrest.
Numerous police officers reached yesterday remained tightlipped and would not offer a reason for the arrests.
Daun Penh district police chief Huot Chanyaran declined to comment, saying he was busy, and deputy district police chief Hun Nguon said he did not know anything about the case.
Chuon Sovann, Phnom Penh Municipal police chief, could not be reached, while Song Ly, his deputy, said he knew nothing apart from what he’d seen on social media.
Phnom Penh municipality spokesman Met Measpheakdey would only confirm that the arrests took place on Monday night, but said he didn’t know the reasons.
Reached after his release yesterday evening after nearly 24 hours of detention, Chin would only say that authorities arrested him and his friend because they were allegedly driving without a licence or ownership documents.
“Right now, I am alright,” he said, before hanging up.
It remained unclear as of press time whether Chin’s friend had been released

*** "Bien abrité derrière son pc français ", rdb trouve que "l'Exécutif Cambodgien" se rapproche à toute vitesse du style de "l'Exécutif NORD- COREEN", K.J.U. venant de faire "exécuter" son demi-frère, pourtant réfugié à l'Etranger !!!!

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Inscrit(e) le 23/03/2004
Lieu de résidence 44000 Nantes
Publié le 15/02/2017 @ 07:07
[Cambodia Daily et Phnom Pen POST ] : K I M ... S O K

- sur ce lien du C.D :

- un article qui m'intrigue :
heu là ....dossier à suivre de près SVP, selon moi
Release Kem Ley Footage, Sued Commentator Tells Government
by Kuch Naren | February 15, 2017

Undeterred by the $500,000 lawsuit filed against him by Prime Minister Hun Sen, political commentator Kim Sok returned to the radio waves on Tuesday to say that the government could settle the case against him by releasing video footage of Kem Ley’s murder.
I am brave enough to be responsible for it,” Mr. Sok said of his commentary.
“But the government must be brave too, because…this case is linked to the event of the murder

Kim Sok is interviewed by Radio Free Asia at their studio in Phnom Penh, in a still from a video posted to the broadcaster’s Facebook page.

Mr. Sok was hit with the complaint on Monday for allegedly accusing the ruling party of killing Kem Ley, a political analyst who was gunned down in July, during a Saturday interview on Radio Free Asia (RFA). Prosecutors at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court have fast-tracked the case, summoning Mr. Sok for questioning on Friday and barring him from leaving the country.
The commentator returned to RFA’s studio on Tuesday to clarify that he blamed a government-affiliated “network” for assassinating Kem Ley, and called on the government to release crime scene footage of the murder if it wanted to prove its innocence.
To find out who is right or wrong, just release the video clip,” he said.

In the Saturday RFA interview that prompted the lawsuit, Mr. Sok said the CPP had “tricked” the opposition and later said that “they” had killed Kem Ley.
Speaking by telephone on Tuesday, he said it was a mistake to assume that he was suggesting the CPP’s culpability in the crime.
“The word ‘they’ was referring to a network under the management of today’s government that let a network kill human beings, and then couldn’t find the murderers—not just the murder of Kem Ley but other advocates such as Chea Vichea, venerable Sam Bunthoeun as well as Chhut Wutty,” he said, naming a unionist, monk and environmentalist, respectively, whose killings resembled Kem Ley’s.
“So it’s not targeting one person in particular
” he said of his accusation.
Sieng Sok, a deputy prosecutor at the municipal court, issued a warrant dated Monday ordering Mr. Sok to appear for questioning on Friday and temporarily barring him from leaving the country.
Mr. Sok, a former university lecturer with a graduate degree in finance from China, said on Tuesday that police had mistakenly posted the warrant at the house of his ex-wife’s mother, but said he had no plans to flee anyway.
He said he would try to find a pro bono lawyer, and if he could not find one, ask the judge to delay his questioning.
It’s a political case that Hun Sen has rushed in order to close my mouth before the election,” he said.
Mr. Sok said he believed authorities were closely monitoring him.
He said that Daun Penh district police had detained his friend Sean Chen, a land broker, and Mr. Chen’s friend as they drove Mr. Sok from Voice of America’s studios to his apartment on Monday night.
Local authorities either declined to comment or said they hadn’t heard about the incident.

**** en tout cas , il existe des Cambodgiens qui ont de la Personnalité, le Courage des Héros : je "pense" bien à eux et à leurs proches.

Edité le 15/02/2017 @ 07:34 par robin des bois
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