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Messages 3672
Inscrit(e) le 10/01/2005
Publié le 30/06/2014 @ 14:24
Re : 200 000 chômeurs d'un seul coup

Le pleu-pleu a dit qu'il y a assez de jobs pour tout le monde au Srok; Lourk Jayk Jearn, Lourk kdam jearn, Lourk prahock, Lourk trey, Lourk teuk trey, lourk bänlairs,.....Et si tu demandes 160$/mois, je te tire dessus! Ok.

‘Enough jobs’ here, but lure of Thailand abides

Phak Seangly, The Phnom Penh Post
Mon, 30 June 2014

As Thailand today opens another fast-track visa office along the border in the hope of reversing the ongoing exodus of workers, Cambodia continues clamouring to find jobs for the returning migrants.

The Ministry of Labour remained adamant yesterday that there are enough open positions in the Kingdom to employ all the repatriated workers. But the National Employment Agency has so far identified just 37,000 job vacancies potentially suitable for nearly 250,000 returned workers.

The vast majority of the workers streaming in from Thailand, however, have not registered with the agency. Among the 15,000 who have, few listed viable contact information.

“Some want to return back to Thailand,” said Hong Choeun, director of the agency.

Since the government announced a new $49, 53-day process for obtaining legal documentation to work overseas, labourers have flooded the country’s two passport offices in the hope of securing better paid jobs abroad. And though the system has yet to take effect, border officials said yesterday they are already starting to see people trickle back to Thailand.

About 2,600 Cambodians trekked into the neighbouring country via Poipet between Friday and yesterday, according to Sim Sam Arth, chief of the checkpoint’s immigration office. The figure does not include market vendors who work at the border or visitors to the market adjacent to the crossing, but Sam Arth said the estimate represents an increase to the daily average of 200 to 300 crossings.

“We can see that the number keeps increasing gradually from day to day, but it is still not a critical mass of workers yet,” he said, adding that all those who crossed over the weekend had legal documents.

But even though Thailand has also reduced the cost of its worker’s permit to lure labourers to return legally, migration experts warned not everyone will go back so easily.

“Security and safety are the main issues. As long as the Thai junta cannot guarantee their safety, I am not sure how the problem will be solved,” said Pavin Chachavalpongpun, a Thai politics expert at Kyoto University.


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Messages 3672
Inscrit(e) le 10/01/2005
Publié le 17/06/2014 @ 05:13
200 000 chômeurs d'un seul coup

Je vous ai dit souvent que dans mon village natal les jeunes gens sont partis travailler en Thailand. Il ne reste, dans le village, que les vieux qui gardent les enfants de ces jeunes gens. Une amie d'enfance de mon kroursa est encore là-bas, elle se cache. Non, son patron la cache. Gentil patron. Mais, elle ne travaille pas depuis une semaine.

Tout le village ne vit qu'au dépend de ces jeunes gens. Ils ont travaillé fortt...pour nourir leurs parents et leurs enfants. Qqn d'entre eux ont même fait des '' rénovations ''; ils ont changé leur maison en paille pour brique.

Aujourd'hui, ces jeunes gens retournent chez eux. Et Kor Sumsaroeun, le gouverneur de Banteay Meanchey, leur donne un sac de riz avec une bouteille d'eau. Orkun jreune LOK gougerneur. Fuck you, ce n'est pas des poissons que ces jeunes veulent, c'est les canes à pêche!

June 17, 2014

Deportation of Cambodian Workers Should Be Condemned

By Mu Sochua, June 17, 2014

The inhumane deportation of close to 200,000′Cambodian workers from Thailand, in the past few days shows the true picture of the so called economic growth in Cambodia and the failure of poverty reduction strategy.

Yes, the forced return must be condemned as it is done without consideration of the human rights of the Cambodian workers. The fear, the threat, the brutality and degrading way our people have been treated by the Thai authorities can not be tolerated. Repatriation yes, but it should be with right-based approach and alternatives for humane and dignified treatment must be negotiated with the Cambodian authorities and NGOs.

Al Jazeera report

However, the forced return should be a weak-up call to Mr. Hun Sen and to donor countries that economic growth has created further inequalities and inequity. From being vulnerable to economic injustice at home, our farmers and their families are now accused of possible political instability for the Thais and are subject to all forms of abuse and even facing death.

Close to 500,000 Cambodians are estimated to be working with or without papers in Thailand.

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